Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February Slump and Spring Resolutions

I'm still wondering if there is a good reason why I hit a Feb. teaching slump each year. It is not too far after winter break to feel burnt out...but every year it hits. I'm out of it now with the help of thoughts of spring and all that means to me. In a short time, I'll be off to the annual spring conference of CLAS. That always seems to lighten my spirits. Sharing and absorbing classroom ideas always makes me glad that I chose this career path.

Since I feel like this is my new year...I think it is time to make resolutions. I do this at the beginning of every school year, but I have never done this mid-way through. Here are my goals for the remainder of the year.

  1. spend more time on my thesis...if I'm ever going to finish grad school, I have to get in gear
  2. write more regularly on my blog...this may be a good venue for exploring my thoughts and questions for my thesis
  3. conintue experiementing with technology in the classroom... I have the ideas of a blog for Romeo and Juliet and a podcast assignment for independent reading novels.
  4. read blogs more regularly...there are so many ideas and exchanges that can keep me refreshed through the rest of the year