Saturday, January 27, 2007


Here goes....This is my first blog. While this is a class requirement, I am excited to experiment with this. I'm curious about two things. What are possible classroom applications? How many people are responding to blogs? I look forward to developing my blog and exploring other people's blogs.


Louann said...

You asked about classroom applications . . . a couple of teachers have written for EJ about using blogs for literature discussions. Sue Monk Kidd even got involved with the class reading Secret Life of Bees (Will Richardson, EJ, Sept. 2003).

What other applications do people know about, I wonder?

Dana said...

I use my classroom blog to communicate with students about what we did in class (in case they were absent), upload note from my SMART Board, and communicate interesting stories or book recommendations. You might be interested in having a peek: Hi, Louann! (Louann published my article about using Benjamin Franklin's biography along with a cultural study of "cheshbon hanefesh," the Judaic concept of "accounting of the soul.")