Saturday, February 24, 2007

conversations on leadership

I've been thinking about the ways that blogging encourages communication. Louann's post brought this question into focus for me. As I continue to explore teacher blogs, I've been focusing on how people communicate with each other and how effective I feel these communications have been. I came across a few examples of what I thought were interesting conversations happening through a variety of blogs. Here's one. Here's another. Both posts deal with qualities of leadership. What I liked is that people "tag" others (not sure how this works yet - help anyone?) and have them create a list that shows how they are leaders. What other examples have people seen of successful (or unsuccessful) conversations?


Mr. B-G said...

Thanks for the blog comment. I think these comments, in and of themselves, are examples of successful communication.

First, they let us know that we have readers. Second, they make our blogs interactive, which I guess makes them "blogs." Third, they allow readers to not only comment on a post, but to also initiate comments on their own blog postings, creating unintentioned webs of communication.

I suppose there's an unwritten blog etiquette that if one person comments on your blog, then you should return a comment.

It's interesting that these spur-of-the-moment textual conversations will become archived and duplicated for posterity.

I'm not sure exactly what that means or how I feel about it.

Good luck with maintaining your sanity while teaching and taking graduate classes. That's a tall order!

A.M. Strzyz said...

Thanks for the comment Mr. B-G. I also appreciate your input on "blog etiquette." Since I'm so new at this any information is welcome!

I also like your description of successful communication.

As for my sanity...even though working and taking classes is taxing at times - I get energized by the new knowledge. Thanks for the well wishes.