Sunday, September 21, 2008

Google Docs

I've heard recently that student (especially males) like to write more when it is on the computer. I decided to test this theory by going beyond just the standard word processing. A few weeks ago, I introduced my students to google docs, a free website (part of that allows users to create documents and share them with others to view, edit, or comment on. I was interested when my students jumped right on. Many even used the opportunity to ask me for feedback prior to turning in a final draft. This was something that I had always encouraged, but rarely saw my offer utilized. And while it is too early to see if their writing skills (quality and quantity) increased, but I have enjoyed having a few less papers to carry back and forth.


Jack said...

Hi A.M.,

MIT university is trying to build a free resource to help kids learn SAT/ACT thru the power of user-generated images and video. We are currently running a nationwide contest, challenging kids to make fun and memorable flashcards by pairing sentences and images to a common test word. There will be a small cash prize and iTunes giveaways. Due date is May 22. More details at .

Do you have students or colleagues who would be interested? No pressure if this is not something that interests you. I just want to give you guys the chance to participate.


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